Community Reaction of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Development

“The game could have a big potential, but at the end of the day, people will still criticize”

As part of our investigation on the Sonic community’s reaction of the development of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, we spoke with BlueParadox and asked him the following questions.

NewsChannel: The first question: Sega has pulled the Rise of Lyric reveal trailer on YouTube. What’s your reaction and what does it assume?

Screenshots of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric in betaBlueParadox: You know, it’s quite surprising that, after a video that explained what went wrong With Sonic Boom : RoL, SEGA decides to cover the whole thing by making the reveal trailer private. This is just very sad. The game could have a big potential, but at the end of the day, people will still criticize. Rise of Lyric in it’s beta stages

NewsChannel: What do you think who’s at fault? Sega or Big Red Button?

BlueParadox: I think it’s SEGA’s fault. From what I’ve heard, SEGA picked an engine (CE3) that wasn’t compatible with the Wii U. The game was going be a multi-platform game, as far as I know; that why they chose that engine I guess. But then, all of the sudden SEGA decided to change their plans without warning BRB (they warned them about this days later, which was too late) they wanted to make the game exclusive to the Wii U due to the Nintendo deal that they made, without realizing that the CryEngine 3 wasn’t suitable for the Wii U. So yeah I think it’s SEGA’s fault. SEGA was putting so much pressure in BRB. This led to some of the employees to leave the company (BRB) because they just couldn’t handle it. One of Sonic’s gameplay gimmicks in action

Image of Sonic the Hedgehog's gameplay on the finished version of Sonic Boom: Rise of LyricNewsChannel: An interesting detail was published stating Sega’s several instances of mismanagement with Big Red Button. One of those include telling the developers the game’s engine is not supported on Wii U’s hardware and so on. What’s your reaction on this?

BlueParadox: If the engine is not supported on the Wii U’s hardware then why did they continue with the development of the game? I think that they still had time to move all of the game’s assets/data to a new engine that supported the Wii U. But instead they just had to continue developing the game. It’s such a shame that a game like this had been developed for years and yet it’s was received badly by critics.

NewsChannel: Any other comments?

BlueParadox: I just hope that SEGA is really learning from their “big” mistake, because what they’ve done is really unacceptable, especially when a lot of time and effort was placed in the game’s development. Sanzaru games did a great job with Shattered Crystal in my opinion. But the story was just awful. I hope the best for SEGA.

Check out TailsChannel, SSF1991, and RadioactiveRahSNG’s response on the video below.


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