“Sonic Runners Adventure” FAQ List

The full “Frequently Asked Questions” list for Sonic Runners Adventure. Originally published and retracted by Gameloft, the developer of the mobile title.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to play?
No, it’s not mandatory but there are some external links that you can’t access without an Internet connection: Customer Care, Privacy Policy, End-User License Agreement, and Terms of User. Moreover, an Internet connection is required on the game’s very first launch.

How do I unlock new characters?
Hero team characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) are unlocked automatically by progressing through the storyline and unlocking new chapters. Other characters can be purchased with Rings in the Team screen.

Can I invite my friends to the game?
No, there is no in-game way to invite your friends to the game.

What do I need to do to complete the “Finish the level with no damage” goal?
You need to reach the end of the level (either Finite or Looped) without getting damaged by obstacles or enemies. You also need to avoid falling into pits. To complete this goal, you may need to equip as many Invincibility and Springs Boosters as possible. You can also use a suitable Hero team character whose skill makes them damage proof. The Dark Chaos Buddy may also increase your chances to complete this goal successfully.

How can I complete the “Collect all Rings” goal?
To complete this goal, you need to collect every single Ring in a Looped level. Shining sparkles appear instead of the collected Rings in Looped levels, so you won’t get confused about which Rings still need to be collected. The Magnet Booster and Buddies such as Yacker, Wizard Chao and RC Ufo can help you to complete this goal. You may also need to choose a suitable Hero team character, since their skill draws Rings to them.

How can I change the language of the game?
In the main menu, Team screen or Achievements screen, tap the Options icon in the upper-right corner. Then, select the Language icon and choose the desired flag.

How can I synchronize my game progress on different devices?
Unfortunately, there is no way to synchronize your progress on different devices.

How can I delete my game progress?
In the main menu, Team screen or Achievements screen, tap the Options icon in the upper-right corner. From there, tap the Reset Game tab and then tap the Reset Game icon. You’ll need to confirm your decision and then your progress will be deleted.Note: You won’t be able to restore your progress after this operation.

The game lags on my Android device. What should I do?
In order to play with the best performance, please turn off power-saving mode and make sure your device doesn’t have too many background processes running at the same time as Sonic Runners Adventure.

How can I check my goals and objectives during the run?
In the upper part of the screen there is a goals bar where you can quickly check your current goal progress. Goals that are already completed are shown as golden Stars. Goals that were failed or not completed are grayed out. You can also check your goal progress in the pause menu.

I’ve noticed that sometimes my character runs faster, and sometimes slower. Why do they change their speed?
When a character runs down on a slope, their speed increases. Some level features (Dash Rings, Cannons) also increase a character’s speed. Furthermore, in Finite and Infinite levels, a character’s speed increases with time until it reaches its maximum value.

What are Achievements? How do I claim them?
Achievements are special rewards that give you a significant amount of Rings. To claim them, you have to complete the achievements under a particular category; they are always available for checking in the Achievements section, accessible from the main menu. Once you complete every achievement, just go to the Achievements tab and claim it! When you complete the whole set, you’ll get even bigger rewards!

How do I adjust the volume of the Music and SFX?
You can adjust both the SFX and Music volume in the Options screen, accessible from the main menu, pause menu, Team screen and Achievements screen. There are dedicated sliders to adjust the various volumes.

How can I equip Buddies?
You can purchase and equip Buddies in the Team screen both by tapping the “Buddies” tab and by tapping the “+” icon to the right of the character. Just choose the desired Buddy and purchase them if you have the necessary amount of Rings. After the Buddy is purchased, you can equip them by tapping the “Equip” icon.

What is the difference between different characters?
Characters belong to different teams (Hero, Chaotix and Dark). Each team has its own unique skill that is triggered after collecting 300 Rings each. Hero team characters can trigger temporary Magnet and Invincibility effects at the same time. Team Chaotix characters turn 30% of their Rings into x10 Rings for a limited period of time. Team Dark characters turn all enemies into Golden enemies (every Golden enemy is counted as 2 usual enemies) for a limited period of time. Moreover, every team contains Speed-, Flying- and Power-type characters. Speed characters can perform triple jumps, Flying characters can hover for a limited period of time, and Power characters can perform a dash attack.You can learn more about every character by tapping their Team/Type icon in the Team screen.

What is the character level? How can I increase it?
The character level defines how long Boosters and individual Skill effects last. The higher the level is, the longer Boosters and Skill effects last. You can increase a character’s level by tapping the “Level Up” icon (you need to collect the required amount of Rings first).A character’s maximum level is 5.

How can I defeat Dr. Eggman?
You’ll meet Dr. Eggman several times in the game. Every time he’ll find new ways to stop you. Depending on how he attacks you, you can use different means to defeat him. Basically there are two ways to attack Dr. Eggman: You can either wait when he moves closer to hit you and jump onto him, or wait until he throws a special bouncing yellow projectile and jump onto it — it will be reflected back to Dr. Eggman (this attack is not available the first time you face him).

How do I save my progress?
Your progress is saved automatically.

What are Boosters?
Boosters are special items you can equip for every run, which give you certain temporary advantages. These are:- Magnet (draws Rings to your character)- Invincibility (makes your character damage proof)- Springs (covers all pits with Jump Springs; they stay there until you fall and bounce from them)- Time Freeze (stops time in Timed Mode levels — available to purchase and equip only before Timed Mode levels)A Booster’s effect time depends on the chosen character’s level (except the Spring booster — it stays in the pits until you bounce from it or until the run is over).

How can I use Boosters?
First of all, you need to purchase and equip Boosters in the Team screen before the run. Depending on the chosen Boosters, you can either activate them during the run at the right moment using the on-screen icons (Magnet and Invincibility — but only one of them at a time), or they will be activated automatically when the level starts (Springs and Time Freeze). Moreover, Time Freeze boosters may appear in the level in Timed Mode — when collected, they stop time for 5 seconds (regardless of your character’s level).

Why can I sometimes equip a different number of Boosters?
The number of Boosters you can equip before the run depends on the chosen character’s level and number of acquired characters on their Team. When you acquire a second character from the Team, you’ll be able to equip two different Boosters. When the full Team is acquired, you can equip up to three different Boosters. When the chosen character reaches level 3, you’ll be able to equip up to two Boosters of the same type. When you level up your character to the maximum, level 5, you can equip up to three Boosters of the same type. So the maximum number of Boosters you can equip is nine — three Boosters of three different types.

How do I know how much time my Boosters will last?
You can find a Booster’s duration in its description on the Team screen. There is also a Booster duration indicator over the character during the run.

Who are Buddies? What do they do?
Buddies are companions that you can take on a run with the character. Each Buddy has a unique ability that gives you different benefits during the run. You can find full descriptions of the Buddies’ abilities in the Help section.

Sometimes during the run, I can’t control my character and the camera angle changes dramatically. What is this?
In Finite and Infinite levels, there are usually special moments where your character performs some awesome stunts. They may defeat some enemies and collect a lot of Rings during these moments. Their speed is always increased when such moments are over. You don’t need to control them in these moments, so just enjoy the show!

How do I progress through the storyline?
You need to proceed through levels and complete goals to earn Stars and unlock further levels.

What are Stars used for? How can I earn them?
You receive Stars for completing mission goals — a single Star for each completed goal. Stars are needed to unlock some levels and new chapters.

How do I unlock a new chapter?
Beginning with the second, each chapter requires a certain number of collected Stars in order to be unlocked. You can check the required amount of Stars for each chapter just by scrolling to the locked location in the main menu. Once you collect the needed amount, the chapter becomes available.

What are the different level types: Finite, Looped, Infinite?
Different level types have different structures and completion conditions. Finite levels have a finish line and you need to reach it to successfully complete the level. If you completed a goal and received a Star, you still need to reach to the end of the level to keep the Star; otherwise you’ll need to complete the goal once again in the next run. Looped levels are usually short levels that repeat several laps. You need to reach to the end of the last lap to complete the level successfully and keep all the Stars received during the run. Infinite levels are endless and you can only finish them successfully by completing all available goals. Once you do, the level will be finishing immediately. Otherwise you can run through it until your hero dies or until time runs out.

How can I earn Rings?
You can collect Rings during the run and earn them by completing Achievements.

Why are there sparkles instead of some Rings in Looped levels?
In Looped levels, Rings do not respawn with every lap (unlike enemies and other obstacles). So, when you collect a Ring in a Looped level, you’ll see shining sparkles instead of it on the next lap.

Why do I see more Rings than I actually got in the Results Screen?
When your hero gets hit, they lose all the Rings they have. So you can collect a lot of Rings but lose them all if you are not careful enough. In the Results Screen, you will see all the Rings you collected (even the lost ones) as a Result. As Rewards, you will see only the Rings that you had at the end of your run.

Why do I sometimes lose Rings even though my hero didn’t get hit?
When your hero runs past a Star post, all the Rings you have get banked so you can’t lose them anymore. A tricky part here is that until you collect new Rings, the next hit will kill your hero.

What is a Bonus Level?
A Bonus Level is a special stage you can reach after finishing a level, where you can fly and collect Rings. To reach this stage, you need to collect a special Bonus item during the run. Controls in Bonus levels are very simple, Tap and hold up to fly up and release the screen to fall down. You don’t need to worry — there are no obstacles and enemies in Bonus Levels, so you just need to collect as many Rings as possible. Note: The Rings you collect in Bonus Levels are not counted in “Collect x Rings” and “Collect all Rings” goals.

What is Timed Mode?
Some levels have a time limit — when the timer reaches 0, the run ends. For these runs, you can equip Time Freeze boosters, which freeze the timer for a certain amount of time (depending on the character’s level). In these levels, you can also collect Time Freeze boosters during the run — such boosters always freeze the timer for 5 seconds.

Special thanks to @Journalistradio and @kitkatfox87 for the recovery of this list.


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